At A-List Mirror Me, our goal is to create a truly unique and personalized experience to all of our clients. In addition to top of the line customer service and a red carpet experience, A-List Mirror Me has numerous benefits.  

Rentals are by the hour, with a three hour minimum or pay by the photo. 



Interactive Benefits

  • Full length touch screen mirror 
  • Ability to add interactive photos to flash in the beginning of event
  • Ability to use interactive props on the mirror 
  • Ability to play games on the mirror 
  • Ability to add seating chart 

Personalized Benefits

  • Ability to select a variety of props 
  • Ability to select backdrop from several colors 
  • Ability to select the mirror frame color 
  • Ability to select color lighting on the mirror
  • Ability to select a theme from several themes 
  • Ability to add logo 

Photography Benefits

  • ​​Ability to sign photo

  • Ability to take group photos up to 30 people

  • Ability to view photos in an online gallery

  • Ability to print photos immediately

  • Ability to create a GIF

  • Ability to create a video photo

  • Ability to add emjoi's